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The Truth About Sparkling Water

An independent taste test, conducted among 101 ordinary sparkling water drinking Australians, has shown that consumers can barely taste the difference between the most expensive brands of sparkling water and SodaStream sparkling water sourced from the tap.

Whilst the most expensive sparkling water brand Voss costs $6.38 per litre, it scored 5.8 out of 10 in the taste test, while sparkling water made using SodaStream and ordinary tap water (at 40c per litre) scored a near identical 5.7.

Sparkling Water Rip Off

Put another way, consumers are paying 1600% more for Voss – an astounding mark-up given that many consumers cannot taste any difference between Voss and sparkling tap water.

In further proof that Australians have been taken in by the “marketing ploy of the century” (CHOICE), participants in the study by TKP Market Research stated that SodaStream sparkling water made using tap water tasted better than San Pellegrino. At $3.05 per litre, San Pellegrino is 760% more expensive.

Interestingly, when asked what samples they ‘preferred’ most, SodaStream sparkling water made using tap water ranked second after Woolworths’ generic brand. These were followed, in order of preference, by Mount Franklin, Voss, Santa Vittoria and San Pellegrino.

The table below sets the record straight on the great sparking water rip-off.

The results are particularly timely, since the rise of the health & wellness super-trend means that for families, sugar is out and sparkling water is in. Recent market research says that the sparkling water category will grow by 40% in five years (2015-2020), and is now officially the fastest growing carbonated drinks category in the country.

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