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  • 1903

    SodaStream is Established!

    The SodaStream Company is founded by W & A Gilbey Ltd., the famous London Gin distiller. The first Soda-Maker is created by George Gilbey.
    This new apparatus is a big hit with the British upper class, including the royal household.

  • 1920

    Adding Flavour to the Fizz

    The first flavored Cherry Soda hits the market! SodaStream introduces its first flavoured concentrates Cherry and Sarsaparilla.

  • 1955

    The Fizzing Frenzy Hits Home

    SodaStream distribution expands, allowing bubble enthusiasts to create their own fizzy beverages in a variety of 14 exciting new flavours, including a sugar free range.

  • 1979

    Introducing a New Soda Maker!

    SodaStream introduces the classic Soda Maker that endured for decades. Unlike today’s exciting range of colors, this Soda Maker was brown and beige to match the popular kitchen colors of the time.

    “Just like that!” Sales Increase By 50% in the UK

    The first television advertising campaign featuring celebrity Tommy Cooper hits UK TV. The catchy slogan “Just like that!” is a hit with the public and sales increase by 50%.

  • 1985

    Increasing SodaStream’s Market Share

    Cadbury Schweppes PLC purchase SodaStream, helping to strengthen its market position in the highly competitive soft drinks market. This tasty romance lasts until 1997.

  • 1991

    The Founding of Soda-Club

    After successfully distributing SodaStream products in Israel since 1978, Peter Wiseburgh establishes a new company called Soda-Club in Israel and patents a new brand of in-home carbonation machines. He distributes Soda-Club internationally to Australia, South Africa and other countries.

  • 1998

    United Powers of Soda

    Soda-Club acquires SodaStream, becoming the world’s largest home carbonation system supplier. The combined power of the two companies under the brand SodaStream increases production and distribution.

  • 2003

    Fascinating New Fizz Flavours Are Fashioned

    Dedicated to creating the ultimate soda experience, a new syrups factory is opened and rapidly develops new flavours. Over the next decade the number of flavours rises to almost 200!

  • 2007

    Fortissimo Fund Begins to Fizz

    A leading Israeli private equity investment group, Fortissimo Capital Fund, acquires a controlling interest in Soda-Club and appoints Daniel Birnbaum as CEO.

  • 2010

    Bubbling Up Wall St.

    SodaStream celebrates its initial public offering on The NASDAQ Global Exchange Market under the ticker “SODA” as CEO Daniel Birnbaum rings the opening bell.

    The UK “Get’s Busy with the Fizzy”

    After a 30 year absence from UK TV, this new campaign re-launches the UK market.

    Going Natural

    Enjoy your bubbles naturally. SodaStream Naturals launches, letting consumers make delicious, sparking drinks without preservatives or any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.
    This unique line is sweetened with cane Sugar and Stevia natural sweeteners for a taste people love.

  • 2012

    Soda-Makers get a global look by world-renowned Designer

    SodaStream commissions world-renowned designer Yves Béhar to design the "Source" Soda Maker. The elegant and functional design is launched at Milan Design Week and goes on to win the 2013 Red Dot design award.

    My Water

    For those who love sparkling water, SodaStream My Water line is launched, letting water enthusiasts add a splash of flavor to their fizzy favorite. The My Water line adds a hint of fruit essence with only natural flavours and no artificial ingredients. One tiny bottle adds flavour to 20 litres of sparkling water.

    Revolutionizing the Flavour Making Experience

    SodaStream comes out with the patent-pending Soda Caps; the perfect flavor concentrate in a capsule. Just fizz a SodaStream bottle and push the cap for freshly fizzed soda!

    Strategic co-branding with Kraft Foods’ and Samsung

    SodaStream announces a co-branding deal with Kraft Foods’ flavours, adding Crystal Light, Country Time and later Kool-Aid flavours to the SodaStream flavour portfolio. Not long after Samsung announces a “Sparkling Refrigerator” that dispenses sparkling water Powered-by a SodaStream system.

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