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We all know the little things in life add up, so why spend more money on Sparkling Water than you need to? SodaStream Sparkling Water Makers are smart, simple, and offer you a cost effective way to make Sparkling Water.

As little as 40 cents per litre to make SodaStream

SodaStream Sparkling Water costs $0.10 a glass vs $1.70 per glass for bottled Sparkling Water. Thats as little as 40 cents per litre to make.

Save $1,152 a year on Sparkling Water

On average our SodaStream users drink 180L of Sparkling Water per year. So based on a saving of $6.40 per litre, that’s $1152 saved vs purchasing bottled Sparkling Water.

So what are you waiting for
fizz up & drink up!

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