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For Gas Refills, we recommend taking your empty gas cylinder to your local stockist for exchange. See local participating SodaStream stockists by visiting our Store Locator.

SodaStream Drinks Makers work by dispensing CO2 from a gas cylinder in the back of the Drinks Maker, into fresh tap water to make your sparkling drinks.

How The Gas Exchange System Works

When you purchase your SodaStream Drinks Maker, a full CO2 gas cylinder is included in your starter pack. With this Drinks Maker, you receive a one-off user licence which entitles you to use the gas cylinder throughout the life of your Drinks Maker. When the gas in the cylinder is used up, simply exchange the empty cylinder for a full one, paying only the cost of the gas refill and the cylinder deposit. SodaStream's gas cylinders are designed out of lightweight aluminium alloy, and are easily inserted into our Drinks Makers.

To learn more about our gas exchange program, and check which is the correct cylinder for you, click here. If you need to refill online, please see your options below.

Exchange/Refill Cylinder Only | New/Spare Cylinder
Exchange/Refill Cylinder Only
Choose this category if you have an empty gas cylinder or cylinders and you would like to order a refill. You must have an empty cylinder(s) to send back.

When you order a refill, you will be charged the cost of both the gas refill plus an additional cylinder deposit. The cost of this additional cylinder deposit will be refunded to you, once your original empty cylinder has been returned to us. You will receive a $28.90 refund when returning a 60 Litre cylinder or $40 when returning a 100 Litre cylinder. The credit will be applied to the same credit card you used for the purchase of the gas refill. 100 Litre refills are only available to customers who already own a 100 Litre cylinder.

100 Litre Gas Refill & Deposit Cylinder

60L Gas Refill & Deposit Cylinder
New/Spare Cylinder
If you want extra cylinders so you're always prepared, 60L cylinders are compatible with all current Drinks Makers.

60 Litre Spare Gas Cylinder
*Delivery fee is a flat rate of $10 (unless an online deal is purchased which states otherwise or a coupon code is used)! Delivery will be free if over $100 worth of product is added to the shopping basket (excluding GST). Please check your shopping basket to see sub total without delivery fee and GST.
SodaStream has a no return policy. Please make sure you are happy with your order before checkout as we cannot edit orders after they have been submitted.
Please note: Our Drinks Makers are powered by pressurized gas cylinders to give you that fun fizz! We would love to offer 48 hour delivery like Amazon and ASOS, however due to Australian Transport Regulations; we are classified as a dangerous good. Due to this classification we used trained, registered delivery providers which can mean your order may take up to 15 working days to reach you. We use this same transport network for our syrups, PET and accessories.